The Sleeve Weave

Coming to you live (or at least something akin to it) from finals week! Still got things to do, but last night I found the time to fit in one quick refashioning project.

A few years ago, as happens to so many girls, my younger brother got taller than me. It was an irritating process–at first, “Look, Bex, my feet fit perfectly in your shoes!” Later, “I’ll have to go put my shoes on to get the mail…Becky’s shoes are too small for my feet anymore.” Yes, brother, I get it. You are bigger than me. I don’t care. Please stop trying to make me care. Eventually, he did. And eventually…I started getting his hand-me-downs–wahoo!

I’ve been recycling his regular t-shirts for a couple years now and only in the last few months have I branched out to polos and other fabrics and cuts. Last night, I decided to do something with an old one of those great cotton baseball shirts–you know, the kind with where the sleeves and the body are contrasting colors. I’d show you a “before and after”, but because I wasn’t particularly optimistic about this project, I didn’t take a “before” picture. I’ll just let you use your imagination and tell you that it was a masculine cut that was a just little too large on me and not too flattering.

I decided to use a cool technique which I found the instructions for here (the directions are in the pictures under the large primary picture at left). With said instructions, I created this.

Sleeve WeaveDoesn’t that sleeve look awesome? Doing this definitely made the sleeves more fitting and feminine. And if you’ve looked at the instructions already, you know the best part–it’s no-sew! Hard to believe, huh? Let me know if you try it and can’t get the hang of it. I’ll make an actual tutorial of my own. (Sometimes it helps to just see or hear things in a different way, I know.

I called this post “The Sleeve Weave,” obviously, because the sleeves are woven, but you can use this technique to achieve other effects in other places. You can expect to see more from me in the future, tweaking this technique.


I’m BAAAAAaaack!

Hello my friends! I told you I’d have a new post soon and a little later than sooner, here it is! I’m going to blame my tardiness on one of my friends.

You see, this summer, while I was in Colorado for my internship, one of the other interns there had a birthday. I decided I should make him a gift. He is a fan of all things Coca-Cola, so I wanted to do something along those lines. Then that thought had a brain-child with another: neither he nor I are native Coloradans (I am from the east coast and he is from the Great Lakes region). I thought it might be nice to commemorate our time in Colorado.This was the result.

There’s my friend wearing his new shirt with the Rocky Mountains in the background.

Actually, as I was designing the graphic on my computer to make a stencil, I knew I was going to want a shirt for myself, so I went ahead and made two while I was at it.

Here’s me wearing my shirt…with a much less epic background.

Anywho, I thought it turned out really well. Oh, and the reason it’s my friend’s fault that I didn’t post ’til now, is that his birthday was in early August, and he didn’t get his picture to me until yesterday, in the middle of October. (Truly, I have no excuse, though, for not posting about something else. Unless you count the fact that it’s my final semester before graduation and school is keeping me busy.)

I do intend to be posting more regularly again, so stay tuned!

My First Commission

I was very pleased a few weeks ago when my younger brother “commissioned” me to make something for his girlfriend’s birthday, which is this month. He gave me a couple of subject matter ideas, but told me that the whole thing was really up to me–he figured I’d come up with something good. I decided to play it relatively safe and make one of my specialties. T-shirts! (Below is a selection of some of my best.)

As I mentioned, my brother gave me a couple of ideas (all of them somewhat sentimental as my brother is of a sappy sort…in a good way, I think). One of the themes he suggested was something with Pixar’s Wall-E and Eve.

If you can’t tell or aren’t familiar with Wall-E, the heart shape is supposed to be drawn in the foam from a fire extinguisher, which Wall-E uses to fly so he can keep up with Eve.

I think it’s nice, but I hope my brother and his girlfriend like it!