Wish me luck!

With graduation just around the corner, I’ve really been trying to find and square away a good job. A job I can be excited about going to every morning. (I’m allowed to still be a little idealistic; I’m not ready to lower my standards yet.) A couple days ago, I found that Crayola has a position open that I think I could really thrive in. I applied late last night. As it’s almost Thanksgiving, I don’t expect to hear anything for a little bit, but I’m still feeling nervous. It would be an awesome opportunity of which I never could have conceived on those glorious Christmas mornings, opening up those beautiful green and gold boxes way back when.

Maybe I don’t stand a chance, fresh out of college, but at least I tried. I’ll let you know if I hear anything.

P.S. Little does Crayola realize, I’ve been doing subtle product placement for them in my blog. The picture below is from a previous tutorial (one of my most often pinned posts).

I love that tin.