Wish me luck!

With graduation just around the corner, I’ve really been trying to find and square away a good job. A job I can be excited about going to every morning. (I’m allowed to still be a little idealistic; I’m not ready to lower my standards yet.) A couple days ago, I found that Crayola has a position open that I think I could really thrive in. I applied late last night. As it’s almost Thanksgiving, I don’t expect to hear anything for a little bit, but I’m still feeling nervous. It would be an awesome opportunity of which I never could have conceived on those glorious Christmas mornings, opening up those beautiful green and gold boxes way back when.

Maybe I don’t stand a chance, fresh out of college, but at least I tried. I’ll let you know if I hear anything.

P.S. Little does Crayola realize, I’ve been doing subtle product placement for them in my blog. The picture below is from a previous tutorial (one of my most often pinned posts).

I love that tin.



Hello from Colorado, friends! Sorry for my absence of a couple months; I’ve been a bit busy with my summer internship. And new friends. And the wildfires and other various tragedies that have struck this state just this summer. As much as it pains me to say it, I had almost no time for crafts…let alone posting about them.

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel–my internship is drawing to close and I will return to the east coast soon. I will also be posting soon about something I created for a new friend I made here in Colorado. As soon as I can get a good picture of it with the birthday boy, I shall have another post. I am looking forward to it!

CraftConniption Conversations: Caleb’s Costumes

Caleb Boswell is a very creative fellow–he’s a communication design major at Kutztown University, studying graphics and advertising, but he’s also pretty crafty in his spare time, too. Listen to this short interview podcast with him about his costumes and creative process.

Photos courtesy of Caleb Boswell.

A Painted Pickguard and the Benefits of Limits

Yesterday, in a sort of spur of the moment opportunity, I painted the pickguard on my boyfriend’s bass guitar. He (the same fellow for whom I designed this guitar seen in an earlier post) put down the guard, newly spray-painted midnight blue, in front of me on the table. Pushing blue and yellow paint pens at me, he said “paint something!” I almost declined to do so–these things require planning, you know! But before I knew it, and truly I don’t really remember how it came about, I was painting the Old Man in the Moon.

I think the moral of the story is that limits can be good. We tend to think they are stifling; we want limitless possibilities. But the truth is that sometimes limits stimulate creativity. If I’d had more than two colors with which to work, I might never have come up with an idea. Learn to look at limits as opportunities…you might surprise yourself.


March is a crazy month. It’s got a lot going on: March Madness, Women’s History Month, St. Patrick’s Day, the first day of spring, sometimes Easter, Pi Day, National Nutrition Month, Fire Prevention Month and million other things. It’s also the month of a million birthdays among my family and friends, so it’s a good thing that March is also…National Craft Month! YAY!

So that means a couple things when it comes to my blog. I’m going to try to be more faithful and frequent in my posting, even it means I just redirect you to something someone else made. Later in the month, hopefully, you’ll get to see some of the things I’ve been making for birthdays…I don’t want to ruin the surprise and post them online before the birthday people get them.

Happy Craft Month!

The Name Game

So as some of you know I recently just changed the name and theme of this blog. It used to be “Making My Way Through Life.” Below is my old header.

It looked nice and all, and it was clever in it’s own long-winded right, but I decided I needed something more concise and catchier–and maybe even a little bit funny. I eventually decided on “Craft Conniptions” with the tagline “having fits of creativity.” But I thought I’d share with you some of the other options I considered.

(Mind you, I was sitting with a dictionary open to the Cs and Ks, rattling these off in a matter of seconds to my mother, who was less than impressed with my genius.)

Title: Tagline

Calamine Crafts: For when you’re itchin’ to make something. (I already had a preliminary design in the works for this one, in that lovely shade of calamine pink…)
Klepto Crafts: Make stuff so cool it’ll get stolen.
Cannibal Crafts: Yum.
Commodore Craft: Finest Crafts on the Seven Seas (This one was going to feature a picture of me with a cheesy uniform, hat and mustache photoshopped on. I was going to adopt a whole persona.)
….and my personal favorite….
Colon Crafts: You won’t believe the crap you can make!

There were more, but these were my favorites. Hopefully somebody will appreciate my genius.