I’m BAAAAAaaack!

Hello my friends! I told you I’d have a new post soon and a little later than sooner, here it is! I’m going to blame my tardiness on one of my friends.

You see, this summer, while I was in Colorado for my internship, one of the other interns there had a birthday. I decided I should make him a gift. He is a fan of all things Coca-Cola, so I wanted to do something along those lines. Then that thought had a brain-child with another: neither he nor I are native Coloradans (I am from the east coast and he is from the Great Lakes region). I thought it might be nice to commemorate our time in Colorado.This was the result.

There’s my friend wearing his new shirt with the Rocky Mountains in the background.

Actually, as I was designing the graphic on my computer to make a stencil, I knew I was going to want a shirt for myself, so I went ahead and made two while I was at it.

Here’s me wearing my shirt…with a much less epic background.

Anywho, I thought it turned out really well. Oh, and the reason it’s my friend’s fault that I didn’t post ’til now, is that his birthday was in early August, and he didn’t get his picture to me until yesterday, in the middle of October. (Truly, I have no excuse, though, for not posting about something else. Unless you count the fact that it’s my final semester before graduation and school is keeping me busy.)

I do intend to be posting more regularly again, so stay tuned!


4 thoughts on “I’m BAAAAAaaack!

    • You know, I wish I could! But most of my shirts feature copyrighted designs or characters. I believe Coca-Cola would have the right to sue me if I made profit from a shirt like this. Maybe I could sell the design to a souvenir shop in Colorado and let them deal with the headache?

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