DIY: Global Organization

What do you get when you combine two instant hot chocolate boxes, an artificial sweetener (yes, I know they cause cancer) box, clear postal tape and a 1970s pocket atlas? Your very own global organization…or atlas-decorated desk organizer. I’m so clever.

Here’s how to make your own:


1. Gather 2-4 boxes. I would recommend using boxes of the same size for the bulk of the organizer but maybe adding a smaller one for little stuff.


2. Cut off the tabs if you want it to be completely open. Leave them on if you want to be able to close your little shelves, just know that it will be more complicated to cover them.



3. Remove some pages from an atlas.Lesson Learned: Little atlases are adorable and more manageable–BUT, larger atlas pages will look better, having less seams.



4. (Optional) “Age” your pages in strong coffee or tea ( I did not do that for this project.) and allow them to dry.




5. Attach boxes of the same size. I used postal tape, but you can use own favorite adhesive. Then proceed to wrap them with your atlas pages. If you have large maps, it will be a lot like wrapping a present. If you have small maps, it will still be a lot like wrapping a present, just like that time you forgot you were out of wrapping paper and had to piece some together out of old wrapping paper scraps.


6. When all your units are wrapped, it’s time to seal the paper. I initially planned to use Modge Podge, but the texture of the atlas paper and the Modge Podge didn’t get along, so I turned to my second favorite adhesive/sealer. Clear postal tape. Cover the whole thing, as neatly as you can, in strips. Add any smaller boxes to your main unit, attaching it and sealing it at the same time.


You can sit the organizer on its side like little shelves or you can sit it upright like a miniature book/paper rack with a pencil cup.













Congratulations. You are now slightly more organized. You also appear scholarly.





Time: 30 minutes

Difficulty: ♦  Very easy project.

Cost: ♦  $0-3


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