My First Commission

I was very pleased a few weeks ago when my younger brother “commissioned” me to make something for his girlfriend’s birthday, which is this month. He gave me a couple of subject matter ideas, but told me that the whole thing was really up to me–he figured I’d come up with something good. I decided to play it relatively safe and make one of my specialties. T-shirts! (Below is a selection of some of my best.)

As I mentioned, my brother gave me a couple of ideas (all of them somewhat sentimental as my brother is of a sappy sort…in a good way, I think). One of the themes he suggested was something with Pixar’s Wall-E and Eve.

If you can’t tell or aren’t familiar with Wall-E, the heart shape is supposed to be drawn in the foam from a fire extinguisher, which Wall-E uses to fly so he can keep up with Eve.

I think it’s nice, but I hope my brother and his girlfriend like it!


3 thoughts on “My First Commission

  1. Awesome!

    Aren’t commissions fun? My father recently requested that I make something specific for him, and it made me feel on top of the world, like someone really appreciated what I do. 🙂

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