Laurel Wreaths for Peons

There’s a girl in one of my classes that frequently wears this beautiful metal laurel wreath headband. Every time I see it, I’m sure there’s a way I could make it, but I never do. Today I did. Out of a 30 cent headband, gold paint and a soda can. Yup. A soda can. So I–a veritable nobody, a plebeian, a peon–can wear laurels. Et tu, friends. You can too.

(I think it looks nice with hair both up and down.)

I didn’t make a tutorial as I went along, because I was too excited to stop and take pictures. If anyone’s interested, I’d be happy to post a tutorial–just let me know!



One thought on “Laurel Wreaths for Peons

  1. That looks really nice! I can think of a couple of friends who might like something like this. I’ll have to give making one a try at some point soon. Thanks for the inspiration!

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