Love, Practically

So I finally got around to making this really project that I saw on Craft a few weeks ago. I love to read and write so I love crafts involving books; I was so excited when I saw this Sincerely, Kinsey tutorial for making a jewelry box out of a book. I made mine out of–are you ready for this–The Book of Love, which I found at a thrift store. It’s just a big old book of short stories, poetry, essays and letters about love.


My process was slightly different from the one in the tutorial, but the end product is virtually the same. The embellishment suggested in the tutorial was gluing flowers to the cover. I added gold leaf paint to the edges instead and stamped one of my favorite love poems into the inside cover instead.


While I was at it, I made a little jewelry box of the same theme out of a little chocolate box I got for Valentine’s Day this year.

Using a few pages that I cut out of “The Book of Love,” I decoupaged the little box with love poems. On the top part, I added some disorderly stamping (in agreement with the poem, “Delight in Disorder”).

So after this weekend, now I have very literary places to lovingly place my jewelry for safekeeping!

Also, prepare yourself for more crafts using book pages coming up!


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