Apologies and Celebrations

My apologies for my extended absence from my blog. I’ve been working on a project to bring to you, but I’ve been a bit busy. Busy trying to get an internship in order (which I eventually did–celebration #1), busy working on my younger brother’s birthday present (celebration #2), busy giving my blog (and all associated content) a new look, busy with a million other things. Would you like to see what I gave my brother for his birthday? You would? Okay, here it is:

This is my rendition of the iconic Tron (a long-time family favorite) original movie poster, using a pointillism technique.

What’s awesome about this is that I had no idea that my brother had asked for a Tron movie poster for his birthday…I’m just that good. I usually do pretty well with birthday gifts for him. You wanna see what I made for him last year? You do? Here!

He really likes the minions from Despicable Me, so I made him a shirt. Anywho, happy birthday to my brother! And to everyone else, I’m sorry and I’ll have more stuff soon! (Family first!)


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