The Name Game

So as some of you know I recently just changed the name and theme of this blog. It used to be “Making My Way Through Life.” Below is my old header.

It looked nice and all, and it was clever in it’s own long-winded right, but I decided I needed something more concise and catchier–and maybe even a little bit funny. I eventually decided on “Craft Conniptions” with the tagline “having fits of creativity.” But I thought I’d share with you some of the other options I considered.

(Mind you, I was sitting with a dictionary open to the Cs and Ks, rattling these off in a matter of seconds to my mother, who was less than impressed with my genius.)

Title: Tagline

Calamine Crafts: For when you’re itchin’ to make something. (I already had a preliminary design in the works for this one, in that lovely shade of calamine pink…)
Klepto Crafts: Make stuff so cool it’ll get stolen.
Cannibal Crafts: Yum.
Commodore Craft: Finest Crafts on the Seven Seas (This one was going to feature a picture of me with a cheesy uniform, hat and mustache photoshopped on. I was going to adopt a whole persona.)
….and my personal favorite….
Colon Crafts: You won’t believe the crap you can make!

There were more, but these were my favorites. Hopefully somebody will appreciate my genius.


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